Vengeance RGB 32GB

(2x16) Black 7200Mhz Buy in Ajman

1330 AED
DDR5, SPD Speed 4800MHz, SPD Latency 40-40-40-77, Tested Speed 7200, PMIC Type Extreme OC PMIC, Tested Latency 34-44-44-96

Stunning performance and features of the Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB (2x16) Black 7200Mhz in the Ajman.

In the multi-core era, the unprecedented processing speed of DDR5 DRAM ensures your high-end CPU gets data quickly with ease. Whether you are gaming, creating content, opening 100 tabs, or multi-tasking, your gaming PC can power through complex tasks faster than ever before.
You may construct the ideal RGB arrangement using CORSAIR's most recent iCUE software with Murals, which not only complements your style but can also be dynamically adjusted to match your preferred visuals or digital material. Easy to use, simple to use, enjoyable, and with practically infinite color options is iCUE Murals.

corsair-vengeance-rgb-32gb-(2x16)-black-7200mhz Features

Providing you with excellent features and bringing the visual quality to life.
For the purpose of combining an ever-expanding ecosystem into a single user-friendly interface, CORSAIR iCUE has gathered a sizable group of third-party partners. The ultra-slim frame will enhance your gaming area.
  • CORSAIR's iCUE, their newest software.
  • Maximum DDR5 performance.
  • Incredibly bright RGB LEDs.
  • Quick response times and high bandwidth.
  • Minimalist Form Factor Design.
  • Extremely high energy efficiency.
  • Dram Engeance RGB DDR5.
  • Personalized Intel XMP 3.0 Profiles.
These qualities are special in order to stay up. Each of its actions provides a solution to one of your concerns.

You are in power and in control. Integrated switching frequency and iCUE software control allow for simpler, finer-tuned output that offers more reliable overclocking to match your system and allows you to customize hundreds of pre-set lighting options.

Your desires as a gamer and a PC enthusiast suffer as well when the memory space of your system runs out of capacity. The Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB is the answer if you've been hunting for the necessary memory power.
Additionally improved thermal conductivity provides excellent memory cooling even when overclocked. This Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB in the Ajman has undergone a thorough inspection for increased overclocking capabilities. Support for Third-Party Motherboards, Integration of Philips Hue and Nanoleaf Smart Lighting with Elgato Stream Deck.

corsair-vengeance-rgb-32gb-(2x16)-black-7200mhz Gallery

You will be presented to a breathtaking visual feast designed to entice gamers.
Its 12 Gigabit per second data transmission rate is incredible. Additionally, they have 32GB, which has seen a substantial improvement in terms of RAM Size, Memory Storage Capacity, and Ram Memory Installed Size.

corsair-vengeance-rgb-32gb-(2x16)-black-7200mhz Specs

Outstanding performance and odd features. Your faithful companion in gaming.
Since it doesn't skimp on power, the Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB DDR5 DRAM 7200MHz C34 Memory Kit — Black offers great performance in every way. They have a 3600 Watt output at a voltage of 1.35 Volts and are designed to utilize less energy.
Fan Included No
Memory Type DDR5
PMIC Type Extreme OC PMIC
Memory Size 32GB (2 x 16GB)
Tested Latency 34-44-44-96
Tested Voltage 1.45V
Tested Speed 7200
Memory Color BLACK
LED Lighting RGB
Single Zone / Multi-Zone Lighting Dynamic Multi-Zone
SPD Latency 40-40-40-77
SPD Speed 4800MHz
SPD Voltage 1.1V
Speed Rating PC5-57600 (DDR5-7200)

Intel 700 Series (13th Gen Intel Core CPUs)

Heat Spreader Aluminum
Package Memory Format DIMM
Performance Profile XMP 3.0
Package Memory Pin 288

Buy corsair-vengeance-rgb-32gb-(2x16)-black-7200mhz in Ajman

Own the true image quality that even your eyes find astonishing right now.

Now, connecting your PC only requires a few BIOS configurations and the download of the CORSAIR iCUE software.

Express Delivery Al Hamidiyah, Hadhf, Manama, Masfout


It is essential that you receive answers to all of your inquiries about the Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB in the Ajman. These are a few of the common questions.
How can I make my Corsair RGB RAM function?
In the left menu, select Hardware Lightings. Lighting Layers' Plus button should be clicked. Choose the Lighting Type's Static Color lighting effect.
Can I change the color of the RAM in my Corsair Vengeance?
To match your bespoke build, VENGEANCE RGB is available in white or black. Our RGB lighting control technology, which is still pursuing a patent, also makes your system.
Why does the CORSAIR iCUE software come with the VENGEANCE RGB 32GB?
The powerful CORSAIR iCUE software brings RAM, fans, RGB LED light strips, keyboards, mouse, and other iCUE-compatible devices to life.
How can I make my Corsair a different color?
The number keys 6 to 0 when held down while pressing the FN key will change the dynamic lighting effects.
How much is the best price of the corsair-vengeance-rgb-32gb-(2x16)-black-7200mhz in Ajman?
EMI Starts from 110.83 AED/m 12 Months or 1330 AED.

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