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The new incarnation RTX 4080 in Ajman of the NVIDIA 4000 series to the graphics card family

Let your wait for the actual gaming experience come to an end. Now let's welcome that desire with all hope. Knowing your every wish, understanding your expectations, and mastering the experience you want, NVIDIA introduces its new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 in Ajman
Before going into their features, let us assure you that this graphics card will not disappoint you but give only wonders, that great wonder of real gaming experience that you want to see, know, and reach. With every update and every release, NVIDIA has kept that tradition alive with this one, built to give you a better experience. The new Nvidia RTX 4080 in Ajman uses the Lovelace architecture. Nvidia can now pack in 76 billion pixels with TSMC's 4nm production node, compared to 28 billion pixels with Ampere cards.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Features

The new incarnation of NVIDIA giant beyond the sight of the eyes.
Higher efficiency is generally associated with more pixels. Besides improving ray tracing performance, the new design supports the new DLSS 3.0 functionality, which increases the performance of games. So maybe you can get the actual gaming experience you haven't had before from the same game.
  • New streaming multiprocessors up to 2x performance and power efficiency.
  • 3840x2160 Resolution, Highest Game Settings, DLSS Super Resolution Performance Mode.
  • The Ada architecture unleashes the full glory of ray tracing, which simulates how light behaves in the real world.
  • DLSS is a revolutionary breakthrough in AI-powered graphics that massively boosts performance.
  • DLSS 3 uses AI to create additional high-quality frames.
  • NVIDIA Reflex and GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs deliver the lowest latency and best responsiveness.
  • RTX 40 Series unlocks unmatched performance in 3D rendering, video editing, and graphic design.
  • Experience feature-rich RTX accelerations in top creative apps.
Trust your eyes, this is the culprit for the gaming visuals you've been wanting to see.

Games that play without a real visual treat will probably bore you too. It will appeal to the gamer in you. Why this situation when there is RTX 4080 in Ajman.

Unquestionably, NVIDIA is advancing toward their next-generation graphics card with this. In the Ajman, the RTX 4080 offers with either 12GB or 16GB of GDDR6X RAM. This graphics card is an upgrade compared to the previous generation, which only offered 10GB and 12GB versions.
There are 9728 CUDA Cores in the Nvidia GeForce Rtx 4080 (16GB), whereas there are 8704 in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 (10GB) and this represents a considerable improvement compared to the RTX 3080, which had a maximum of 8960 CUDA Cores. The boost speed of the 16GB variant is 2.51GHz, although the 12GB model is capable of 2.61GHz. One of the critical features of the RTX 4080 in Ajman is its boosting speed and power, which gives a game the speciality that makes the speed a reality. It results in smoother gaming and lag-free gameplay. According to Nvidia, there is 2-4 times faster performance on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 than on the RTX 3080.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Gallery

Here too, GeForce surprises you, capable of delivering great features with every turn.
The NVIDIA RTX 4080 offers creators and gamers the highest performance and capabilities. Ray Tracing and AI-powered graphics may bring your games and other artistic endeavours to life. And It is driven by the very effective NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and 16GB of lightning-fast G6X RAM.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Specs

Features to satisfy the gamer in you, going to experience another era of gaming.
Your artistic endeavours will reach new heights with NVIDIA's RTX 4080 in Ajman. Unparalleled performance in 3D rendering, video editing, graphic design, and more is a feature of the graphics card. RTX 4080 accelerations are available while utilizing the best creative software. The top-notch NVIDIA Studio driver drivers create with optimal stability in mind. They include a suite that uses RTX's capability to support AI-assisted creative workflows.
GPU Engine Specs:
NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 9728
Boost Clock (GHz) 2.51
Base Clock (GHz) 2.21
Memory Specs:
Standard Memory Config 16 GB GDDR6X
Memory Interface Width 256-bit
Display Support:
Maximum Resolution & Refresh Rate 4K at 240Hz or 8K at 60Hz with DSC, HDR
Standard Display Connectors HDMI(2), 3x DisplayPort(3)
Multi Monitor up to 4
HDCP 2.3
Card Dimensions:
Length 304 mm
Width 137 mm
Slots 3-Slot (61mm)
Thermal and Power Specs:
Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 90
Graphics Card Power (W) 320 W
Required System Power (W) 750 W
Supplementary Power Connectors 3x PCIe 8-pin cables (adapter in box) OR 450 W or greater PCIe Gen 5 cable
Technology Support
Ray Tracing Cores 3rd Generation
Tensor Cores 4th Generation
NVIDIA Architecture Ada Lovelace
NVIDIA Reflex Yes
NVIDIA Broadcast Yes
PCI Express Gen 4 Yes
Resizable BAR Yes
NVIDIA GeForce Experience Yes
NVIDIA Ansel Yes
NVIDIA FreeStyle Yes
NVIDIA ShadowPlay Yes
NVIDIA Highlights Yes
Game Ready Drivers Yes
NVIDIA NVLink™ (SLI-Ready) Yes
Vulkan RT API, OpenGL 4.6 Yes
NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) 2x 8th Generation
NVIDIA Decoder (NVDEC 5th Generation
AV1 Encode Yes
AV1 Decode Yes
CUDA Capability 8.9
VR Ready Yes

Buy NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 in Ajman

It serves no use to remain within. Days to include it in your gaming computer.

More contemplation is not possible at this moment. Your wish for a gaming graphics card has finally come true. Prepare to soon possess it. Bring the magic of real-world gaming to your computer's desk.

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You can have a lot of concerns regarding the NVIDIA's RTX 4080 in Ajman. Here are some of their extracts.
What is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080?
The RTX 4080 is a high-end graphics card. It is part of NVIDIA's RTX 4000 series of cards, based on the company's Ada Lovelace architecture. The RTX 4080 is the most powerful card in the series, offering up to 16GB of GDDR6x memory and a boost clock of 2.51 GHz. It is also one of the most expensive cards on the market.
What kind of performance can I expect from the RTX 4080?
The RTX 4080 can deliver excellent gaming performance at 4K resolution and high frame rates. It is also well-suited for use in demanding applications such as video editing and 3D rendering. Overall, the RTX 4080 offers a significant performance increase over the previous-generation RTX 3080 Ti.
Is there anything else I should know about the RTX 4080?
Yes - due to its high price and power consumption, it is recommended that only serious gamers and enthusiasts consider purchasing this card. Additionally, ensure that your PC meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements before buying an RTX 4080, as it will otherwise not work properly.
How much power consume RTX 4080 in Ajman?
You'll need a good power supply to get Nvidia's new flagship. For the 4080, both the 12GB and 16GB models consume relatively low amounts of power at 285 and 320 watts, respectively.
What is NVIDIA Encoder?
NVIDIA Encoder is a dedicated live streaming feature that allows you to share your gameplay with friends or the world easily. With this feature, you'll be able to live to stream your gameplay easily and without any lag.
How much is the best price of the RTX 4080 in Ajman
EMI Starts from 458.25 AED/m 12 Months or 5499 AED.

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